Saturday, 10 December 2011

Beautiful Nightmares

Hmmmm another day! the second day of our final year. But we are yet to appear for our 3rd years practical exams!! wooww! cant wait :/
its been less than three weeks sice the theory exams,but the hell loads of information crammed into my head to tackle it is on the verge of complete evaporation.Though im scared abt the very personal  moment with balding examiners, i cant force myself to open my long forgotten books of the pre final year!
i can distinctly see the way my viva is going to proceed...the balding examiner will ask a question and i will stare at his shiny bald spot. For the second question i will devout my attention to the dirt on the windo panes beyond him.
The third, fourth and number of other questions, a bunch of attempted answers from my side.
A few outrageously insulting comments from the angered romantic,that will almost have my eyes flooded with laughter..then it will end!
this is followed by the magical words "GET OUT". Immense joy! the latest songs will keep jarring somewhere in my mind as i walk out!
as the viva for the day comes to an end we will wait for THOSE divine words "all PASS" and we will showere a bunch of blessings on the examiner who until then will be subjected to verbal abuse and unimaginable curses.
agreed vivas can be a terrifying experience, the most horrid part of the whole exam process...but when its over? nothin feels better!