Wednesday, 6 June 2012


My final year M.B.B.S exams  came to an end. I wanted to scream my lungs out, cry for all those hours of metal torture, sleep myself to death for all those days of induced insomnia, talk endlessly to any one who would listen about any nonsense beyond the subjects, listen to all my favorite songs, take a nice long shower, go to the marina beach, eat roasted corn...the things i wanted to do was endless!
But the day the exams got over, another nagging pain in the rear took over...what about the results?

Every single day the MGR university website replaced the morning paper and ensured that my bowels forgot all about the constipation that accompanied exams! My dream lovers and the happily ever after dreams were replaced by various nightmares about the results and its consequences.

Every single day out with friends, dinner parties with family friends and small picnics were wrapped up with anxiety and plenty of bile in the throat situations. All facebook chats involved in depth discussion about the rumored dates for results arrival and Phone calls were mainly to reconfirm all the information exchanged on facebook or yahoo!

The only page that was open 24/7 on my laptop was the MGR university site. I am very sure my index finger became a millimeter shorter as i kept pressing the refresh button about hundred times a day. Every time the page failed to load i almost convulsed and my lacrymal glands ran out of tears! My family refused to believe i was sane considering the various facial expressions i would display by just staring at the computer screen!

Waiting for an important exams results is probably the most cruel part of the examination process. All the time wasted, the classes that were bunked, teachers who became the butt of jokes come back to haunt you like the ghost of your  Ex.  Finally one fine day when the sun was setting in the west and i was settlling deeper into my corner on the sofa with tea, i saw it. The result.

Convulsions started so did tears! i dint dare enter my roll number into that rectangle box! It took two whole minutes for my dad to convince me to let go of the laptop, and another three minutes for him to get the roll number out of my mouth! Then in about 5 seconds he told me "PASS" !
NOOOO way! I had to see it myself! and it was pretty much there on the screen! 

The holidays of the haunted results thus ended. I did not do a single thing on my list of to do things. Did not celebrate, did not scream, did not freak out like how i had imagined i would during the exams!

I now regret those wasted days. Internship in its first trimester, and im yet to register the fact that i have passed. The moment of glory has passed to never come back.But definetly we are worth more! And being the dreamer i am i still believe that some day in the next one year there will come a day when i celebrate with my besties in such a way that will compensate for all those years of desperation,hopelessness and days where we worked our asses off! 

To that day i say cheers!